TeX Development Fund

The TeX Development Fund was created by the TeX Users Group in 2003, under the aegis of the TUG Technical Council, to aid growth of TeX-related technical projects. We encourage any organization, group, or individual doing TeX-related development work to apply.

The first set of grants was awarded in March 2003, with more grants awarded on a rolling basis after that. See the complete list of recipient projects and list of donors. Thank you, everyone.

Reports: 2009, 2007 roadmap, 2005, 2003-05.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email the Development Fund Committee at devfund@tug.org. Currently, the committee consists of Kaja Christiansen, Karl Berry, Norbert Preining, and Boris Veytsman.

Related: DANTE and other TeX user groups have long-established similar programs. Also, the Association for Free Software has a grant programme for free software projects, especially ones with a UK focus or from UK developers.

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